Hello Line Dancers and Partner Dancers!                 December 4, 2016

Hello Dee's Country Kickers: 


Don’t know where to begin other than..WOW Super, Big and Awesome THANK YOU to all of you who came out to Jewels Dance Hall for our 2nd Classic Country Night!!! So good to see everyone smiling, laughing and having a great time!!  Be sure to Mark your calendars for next month’s which will be on Friday, December 16th  7:30-10:30PM!  Open dancing to song/dances 10 years old and older like:  Honky Tonk Stomp, Bubba Shot the Jukebox, Tush Push, Watermelon Crawl, Chill Factor and more.  Dee will be teaching lessons as well.  This last time we learned {Bar Room Boogie-Trashy Women} Steps are here on our website.  Please pass along the info to others and help make this event a success!


Our {Dee & Bob Blansett's} last 2016 Painesville Township    Date:  December 9 - Christmas Dance


 MY LATEST choreographed dances:

{24K Magic EZ} to Bruno Mars (NEW R&B Hit song) Ultra beginner Dance.  For Step Sheet and video click   here


{Walking on Air} to Baby Face feat. El Debarge (Smooth R&B music)  For the Step Sheet and videos click  here


{Somewhere on a Beach}  to Dierks Bentley's hit song-Somewhere on a Beach.  For Step Sheet and videos click here


{Untamed} to a really fun song by Cam.  For Step Sheet and video link click here


Be sure to check our calendar page here on our website for updated   info on:  classes,  dance events and more!!

Line Dancing is such a Fun, Social and Healthy activity!!   Join us on the dance floor at one of our venues!  If you and your friends are looking for lessons in a bar, classroom or senior center, we have a class for you!!    View   {classes}   page here on our website.



Tuesday Chardon

6:00-6:45PM   True Beginner Lessons: Tonight’s featured dance is  called Stroll Along Cha Cha.  Then review of: I Love a Rainy Night,  Stray Cat Strut, 24K Magic, Two-Step,  Pants on Fire, Cowboy Charleston & Ah Si.  

6:45-7:15PM   Open Dancing

7:15PM-8:15PM  Beginner Lesson: The plan is to teach a dance to Girl Crush followed by good reviews of:  EZ So Just Dance Midnight WalkBe sure to practice If I Wuz U, 24K Magic EZ, Big Blue Tree, Pants on Fire, This & That + Walking on Air  for  the warm-up

8:15PM-9:30PM  Intermediate Lesson:   Good review of: 1-2-3-4, Frankie Fever, Hideway Cha, So Just Dance, Dance Dance and then practice any dances you request!!



Wednesday Jewels


6:30-7:00PM– Intermediate Lesson:   Super good review of:  Seein Red-Dustin Lynch


7:00PM Open Dancing!  


7:30PM Lesson   Good review of  Bar Room Boogie  &   Story 


8:30PM  Main Dance Lesson:  Let's take another look at House Party and bring this back!!

Thursday Painesville Senior Center

NEW Location–Painesville YMCA  

11:30-12:15PM  True Beginner Class      Good reviews ofStray Cat Strut, 24K Magic EZ, Two-Step, Pants on Fire.  Today’s featured dance is Stroll Along Cha Cha.

12:15-1:15PM  Seasoned Beginner Class:     Good reviews of:  EZ So Just Dance,  If I Wuz U, Blue Night Cha, Walking on Air, Hildalgo Boogie etc. and Revisiting older dances!





Thursday W. Geauga Senior Center

NOTE:  We are at a different location: Chardon Sr. Center  located at 12555 Ravenwood Drive, Chardon, Ohio 44024

2:30-3:30PM  True Beginner Class  Good reviews of: I Love a Rainy Night, Stray Cat Strut, 24K Magic EZ, Pants on Fire, Kerosene,  Fools & Beer,  Moves Like Jagger AB,  Double XL, Country Walkin’, Mamma Maria, Country as can Be, Better When I’m Dancing AB & more!!

3:30-4:30PM   Seasoned Beginners  Good reviews of:  EZ So Just DanceIf I Wuz U, Blue Night Cha, Gin & Tonic, Stop staring at My Eyes, Imelda’s Way,  Hidalgo Boogie, Come Dance with Me, Somewhere on a Beach & more.