Hello Line Dancers and Partner Dancers!                 May 29, 2016

Hello Dee's Country Kickers:       Hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend!


Chardon Dancers:  Dance classes start back up this coming Tuesday, May 31st!  Hope to see you there!!

Additional Painesville Twp. Park  Dee & Bob Blansett's dates are as follows:  
 July 22- LUAU, August 26, October 7 & December 9


Thursday, June 30th- Fairport Mardi Gras, Sunday, July 31st- St. Mary’s Dance Performance.  We have been asked to perform at:  Ashtabula County Fair - Thursday, Aug. 11th, Lake County Fair-Saturday, Aug. 20th and Pierpont Pioneer Picnic- Saturday, Aug. 27th.


MY LATEST choreographed dances:

{Somewhere on a Beach}  to Dierks Bentley's hit song-Somewhere on a Beach.  For Step Sheet and videos click here


{Untamed} to a really fun song by Cam.  For Step Sheet and video link click here


{I'll Be Your Fix}  to a cool track by Chris Lane called:  Fix.   For step sheet and video links click here

Be sure to check our calendar page here on our website for updated   info on:  classes,  bands and more!!

Line Dancing is such a Fun, Social and Healthy activity!!   Join us on the dance floor at one of our venues!  If you and your friends are looking for lessons in a bar, classroom or senior center, we have a class for you!!    View   {classes}   page here on our website.



Tuesday Chardon


NOTE:  Summer Dance Session starts back up TONIGHT!!!  Welcome Back!!


6:00-6:45PM   True Beginner Lessons:   This is our first class of the Summer Dance Session.  The plan is to teach  2 to 3 dances!   This is a good class for anyone new.  We teach at a comfortable pace and many of the dances taught eventually come back around! 

6:45-7:15PM  Open Dancing-Send in those requests!!

7:15PM-8:15PM  Beginner Lesson:  This week we will be learning T-ShirtEZ  and review Can You 2 Step and Somewhere on a Beach.

8:15PM-9:30PM  Intermediate Lesson:   The plan is to re-teach You Can’t Stop Me and if group is ready we will learn Somewhere with You.  We learned this dance in 2011 and bringing back since Junior Willis will be at Frank Trace’s June 11th event!



Wednesday Jewels


6:30-7:00PMIntermediate Lesson     Let's do 1 more week on  {Beautiful Drug} by:  Zac Brown Band.  Be sure to practice   {Untamed},  {Forget Chu} & {Doing Our Thing}

7:00PM     Open Dancing!    For NEW students- The plan is to teach Two-Step

7:30PM Lesson   Good reviews of:  Can you 2 Step &  Stop Staring at my Eyes.
8:30PM Main Dance Lesson:  Tonight we will be learning a cute NEW dance called T-Shirt EZ to Thomas Rhett



Thursday Painesville Senior Center


No Dance Class

NOTE:  Summer Dance Session starts back up on Thursday, June 9th at Painesville YMCA


Thursday W. Geauga Senior Center

NOTE:  We are at a different location: Chardon Sr. Center  located at 12555 Ravenwood Drive, Chardon, Ohio 44024


2:30-3:30PM  True Beginner Class  Sure loving the enthusiasm with the newest dancers!  The plan is to review:  Country As Can Be, Better When I'm Dancing AB, Cowboy Charleston,  Good Morning &  Let’s Chill.


3:30-4:30PM   Seasoned Beginners.  Let's learn a great dance for the summer:  Somewhere on a Beach!  We will  follow by good review of:  EZ Cake by the OceanEmpty Pockets, Crash & Burn and Neon Light