Hello Line Dancers and Partner Dancers!                                 October 5, 2015

Hello Dee's Country Kickers:    Here's this weeks dance news!   Hope you can join us!!

Be sure to mark your calendars for Friday, November 6th for a fun Night of Dance up at Park School Auditorium from 7-10:30PM!  Also it's a good time to start thinking of Halloween costumes for Friday, Oct. 23rd at Painesville Twp. Park!


MY LATEST choreographed dances:

{Funktify}  co-choreographed along with Amy Auger goes to a cool track by Toby Mac called Feel It.  For step sheet and video links click here


{Real Life} which goes to Jake Owen's and song gives a good message!  For step sheet and video links click   here

{Long Stretch of Love} co-choreographed along with Amy Auger and goes to Lady Antebellum!  For step sheet and video click   

DEE & BOB'S DJ NIGHTS:   The following 2015 dates are Dee & Bob Blansett’s   DJ night over at Painesville Township Park:    Oct. 23  Halloween &  Nov. 27.  Please check our calendar page here on our website for additional evenings with local DJ"s.



Weekend Dancing:    It's a Painesville Twp Park Dance Night this Friday.  Join DJ's Carol Buehner and Sharen McDivitt.  Doors open at 7:30PM.  I plan to be there.  I plan to send in our dance requests. 

Bands:   Jewels Dance Hall is having  Easy Street Band  on both Friday and Saturday night.


NEW Additional Weekend News:   Dee & Bob Blansett will be out at Jewels Dance Hall on the 1st & 3rd Friday of every month.  We will DJ prior to band from 7-9 PM!  Line dances taught are geared toward the beginner line dancer.  NOTE:  We will not be there on Friday, Nov. 6th.  We will be at Park School for a Night of Dancing!

Be sure to check our calendar page here on our website for updated   info on:  classes,  bands and more!!

Line Dancing is such a Fun, Social and Healthy activity!!   Join us on the dance floor at one of our venues!  If you and your friends are looking for lessons in a bar, classroom or senior center, we have a class for you!!    View   {classes}   page here on our website.



Tuesday Chardon


:00-6:45PM   True Beginner Lessons:   Dee plans to teach  Cadillac Slide  and follow up with good reviews of: Little Broken HeelsStray Cat StrutAh Si!, Shut Up and Dance EZ  and Cowboy Charleston.   This is a good class for anyone new.  We teach at a comfortable pace and many of the dances taught eventually come back around!

6:45-7:15PM  Open Dancing-Send in any requests!!     

7:15PM-8:15PM  Beginner Lesson: This week we will be learning NEW DANCE called:  Real Life  and follow up with good review of: Ex's and Oh,  Everybody’s Here & Funktify.  NOTE:  All Wrapped Up and Honey We’re Good will be in the warm-up– please practice them!  Ex'


8:15PM-9:30PM  Intermediate Lesson:  This week we will be learning  Kill The Spiders which has been on my list for a very long time.  We will follow up with good review of: Kick It Up   Right after lessons/reviews,  we will  be doing: Build Me Up Buttercup, Baby Tonight, Don’t, Chill Factor & Alabama Slammin’  Please practice them!!! 


Wednesday Jewels

6:30-7:00PM– Intermediate Lesson     Octobers Intermediate dance will be:  Kill the Spiders- Brad Paisley.  Fun & Peppy Dance.  


7:00PM Open Dancing!

7:30PM   Lesson     Good reviews of:   Pass Me a Cold One A Drink in my Hand.

8:30PM Main Dance Lesson:     NEW DANCE!!

Thursday Painesville Senior Center

11:30AM-12:30PM  True Beginner Class    This week we will be learning   I Love a Rainy Night.    We will then follow up by practicing our our current dances:  Good Morning,  Love Repeats, Two-StepThe Little Easy, Stroll Along Cha ChaCadillac SlideBullfrog on a Log,  Cut A Rug, Shut Up & Dance EZ   and more!!  


12:30PM– 1:30PM   Seasoned Beginner Class     This week let's learn  We Went  and follow up with good reviews of all our dances:   Funktify, Honey We're Good,  Everybody's Here,  Charlie's Cha,  Sun Daze,  Can You 2 Step and  Long Stretch of Love and any others we have time for! 

Thursday W. Geauga
Senior Center

2:30-3:30PM  True Beginner Class:   This week let's learn I Love a Rainy Night.  It's new for this class.  We will follow up with Reviews/practice of our current dances:  Baby Bootscootin',   Bullfrog on a Log,  Double XL. The Little Easy, Cadillac Slide,  Kerosene,  Cowboy Charleston, Shut Up and Dance EZ,  and more!  

3:30-4:30PM Seasoned Beginner Class:    Good review of:  Funktify  and follow up with reviews/practice of:  Uptown Funky, Little Red Book,  We Went,  Goodnight Kiss,  Play it Again, Charlie's Cha  & Sun Daze.





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