July 27, 2014


Hello Line Dancers and Couples/Partner Dancers!                          


 My latest choreographed dance is called Drunk on a Plane for step sheet and all videos for this dance click  here.  I hope you will take a look!


Big thank you to all of you who came out to PTP for the Luau Dance Party!   What a fun time for sure!!  It sure was totally awesome to see several of our Jewels and Chardon students come out to PTP for the first time!!  Special thank you to Bruce/Laura for the chicken salad sandwiches and everyone else that brought treats to share with the dancers!  That was so nice of you!!  Be sure to mark your calendar for our next date which is Friday, Aug. 22nd!!



 Mark this date down:    We have some exciting news to share...Tuesday, September 30th.   John Robinson will be back to teach our Chardon St. Mary’s class!!!  If you missed it the first time, here’s your chance again. This will be a 3 hour mini-workshop with plenty of open dancing. John will be back with his mini J-Mart and I have requested the dance plates and bling hats :) 



WEEKEND DANCING    Aug. 1st & Aug. 2nd   Jewels Dance Hall is having Sunset Country Band  both Friday & Saturday night.   We (Dee & Bob Blansett plan to DJ prior to the band.  Come join us out there!


Bob & Dee Blansett's   Painesville TwpPark   DJ Nights are:  August 22, Sept. 26th & Dec. 12 -Christmas Dance!  Be nice to see some of you who have never danced there, come give it a try!!  You won't be disappointed :)



Line Dancing is such a Fun, Social and Healthy activity!!  Join us on the dance floor at one of our venues!  If you and your friends are  looking for lessons in a bar, classroom or senior center, we have a class for you!!   View {classes} page here on our website.





Tuesday Chardon

NEW PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO JOIN US!!!                        Hopefully no cancellations this week :)


6:00-6:45PM   True Beginner Class:  Dee plans to teach a NEW DANCE called Chippin' Away followed by good reviews of Love Repeats, Mamma Maria, Play it Again, C’est La Vie Baby &  Down South Shuffle.


 6:45PM-7:15PM   Open Dancing    Be sure to send in your song requests!


7:15PM-8:15PM Beginner Lessons:  Dee plans to teach NEW DANCE called American Kid.  We will follow up with good reviews of  Hicktown, Summertime Strolling,  Play it Again & Turnabout.


8:15PM Intermediate Lessons:   Good reviews of our current dances:  Drunk on a Plane,  We Are Tonight,  Love’s Kiss, Don’t Want Nobody, Dream Lover & More...  Also we will be reviewing this week by request Madhouse to the Max and GMC/Four on the Floor and hopefully many more down our list!  Tonight we will be videotaping and possibly teaching a new dance!

Wednesday Jefferson Community Center

4:00PM-5:30PM   True Beginner Lessons   This is a great class for anyone NEW to line dancing!


This week's new dance is Double XL.   We will plan to review:  Kerosene, JFK Alley Cat, Two Step, Country as can BeMamma Maria and Country Walkin'.


The last 15 minutes are reserved for your song/dance requests or to practice the newest lessons we will be learning at Jewels!  

Wednesday Jewels

6:30-7:00PM– Intermediate Lesson    July's new intermediate dance is called Drunk on a Plane.  To view step sheet along with the videos click here.  You all are doing really good with this dance!!


7:00PM Open Dancing 


7:30PM Lesson    Good reviews of  American Kids and Summertime Strolling 


8:30PM Main Dance Lesson:     Dee plans to teach a classic oldie!!  This way we can continue to work on American Kids which is a fun and fast line dance!

Thursday Painesville Senior Center

11:30AM- 12:30PM  True Beginners    Dee plans to review our current dances:  Chippin' Away, Love Repeats, JFK Alley Cat,  Ah Si!, C'est La Vie Baby and more!!


12:30PM– 1:30PM  Seasoned Beginner Class   Dee plans to teach do a good review of  our currents dances: My Wish,  Play it Again & Almost Cha-Cha.   The plan is to practice all  of our dances we will be doing at the Lake County Fair.


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