Hello Line Dancers and Partner Dancers!                                 January 25, 2015

Hope you all had a wonderful week!     Here’s this week’s news:

Bad Weather ReminderIf any line dance class needs to be cancelled due to bad weather, we will let you know via Facebook, email and post a note across every page of the website by 5:00PM  of the day in question.  If in doubt, you are always welcome to call me.


Our first DJ date of the year over at PTP is  Friday, Feb. 13th. Come dance with us!!  Why not make it a Valentine’s Dance and wear RedWe can have fun with the songs and play ones with LOVE in the song/title or Cupid along with the your requests!  It’ll be fun!!



Mark your calendars:  The following 2015 dates are Dee & Bob Blansett’s   DJ night over at Painesville Township Park:   Feb. 13, March 13, May 8, July 10, Sept. 11, Oct. 23  Halloween & Nov. 27




Weekend Dancing:     Friday, January 30th  & Saturday, January 31st   New Direction Band  is  playing up at Jewels Dance Hall.



Be sure to check our calendar page here on our website for updated  info on:  classes,  bands and more!!

Line Dancing is such a Fun, Social and Healthy activity!!   Join us on the dance floor at one of our venues!  If you and your friends are looking for lessons in a bar, classroom or senior center, we have a class for you!! View {classes} page here on our website.






Tuesday Chardon


6:00-6:45PM   True Beginner Lessons:  This week we will be learning  Mamma Maria  followed by good reviews of The Boy I Love, Bullfrog on a Log and JFK Alley CatThis is a good class for anyone new.  We review a lot reviews and all of the dances come back around!

6:45-7:15PM  Open Dancing-Send in your requests!!

7:15PM-8:15PM  Beginner Lesson:   We will be reviewing Moving Hips, Goodnight Kiss, Neon LightHopefully have time to get in all the January birthday requests this week!!

8:15PM-9:30PM  Intermediate Lesson:  This week I have a new dance to the song:  Am  I Wrong  if group is ready.  Good reviews of  Day Drinking-Little Big Town & The ShadeThe plan is to practice our current intermediate favorites: Dear Future Husband, 3 Rounds, Double Shot of Crown, Riverbank, I’m in Love With You and More!!!










Wednesday Jewels

6:30-7:00PM– Intermediate Lesson   January’s Intermediate dance lesson is Day Drinking-Little Big Town!  


7:00PM Open Dancing!   


7:30PM Lesson  Good reviews of  Turnabout & American Kids


8:30PM Main Dance Lesson:  This week we will be learning Your Honey Bee by request!










Thursday Painesville Senior Center

11:30AM-12:30PM True Beginner Class    This week let’s learn  Double XL followed by good reviews of:  The Boy I Love , A Little Love Worth Waiting 4,  Rita’s Waltz, Take These Chains  and more!!


12:30PM– 1:30PM  Seasoned Beginner Class    Let’s practice our current dances:  Good Night Kiss,  All About That Bass , This & That, Cruisin’, Such a Fool  and more!!









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